Perfect overview on all financiel topics in Germany.
Axel Brückner Testimonial English Marie from France

Perfect overview on all financiel topics in Germany.

I came to Germany after finishing my PhD to work here. As there were many things on my plate, I needed a competent financial advisor to help me with investments, insurance, bank account etc.
Axel was very helpful. Hold my hand along the way and managed to break down the complicated German paperwork into easy words. He did everything possible to simplify the process and reduce my workload. I was blown away by the large amount of paperwork we were able to go through in very few meetings. He is not presenting many different options and scenarios. Axel‘s advice is very concrete and straight forward. He listens to your questions, finds out your (financial) goals and gives you a clear explanation of what he thinks you should do.
Now I got the peace of mind that my finances are in order as long as I stay in Germany.

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