Axel Brückner Testimonial English Sean from Canada


I can sum up in one word why Axel is much better then the average investment service: fiduciary!
Unlike a lot of other financial advisors who put their own interests before mine, Axel is clearly not interested in earning high commissions. He was always very honest and straight forward. He has a great knowledge too but when he doesn’t know something he’ll tell you. And he’ll give you feedback right after he looked it up. He helped me to understand my money in a way a business does with monthly income and expenses and made suggestions I never even heard of. For the first time I feel I understand my own financial situation and what to make out of it.
So if you are looking to get rich quick with the latest hot stock tip he is not the right guy for you. Instead, we will work out a solid plan for your that works for the long-term. He never tried to sell me anything and made sure I stay true to my financial values. He provided me with really good investments at the lowest cost because he is not tied to any particular financial institution. My assets in Euro have done very well as a result.
I know that as long as I stick to the plan we made, I will be able to retire in comfort.

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