Axel is helping you when nobody else does.
Axel Brückner Testimonial English Jennifer & Stephen from UK

Axel is helping you when nobody else does.

My company relocated me to Munich and after a few months I brought my family with me. We were telephone interviewing potential financial advisors and Axel made a great first impression. Even after we hired him formally, he always brought his a-game. He sincerely wanted to help us. We could tell by how excited he got talking about the nerdiest finance topics.
Axel listens well, understands where we are in life and what our goals are. Even though we had a million questions we never felt brushed off or rushed. Together we were able to rank our goals appropriately and he made a plan for us how to get there.  He’s always been there when we have adjustments to make, small ones like a raise at work or big ones like the birth of our 3rd child.
Axel helped us with our budget, saving for our kids, buying a home, retiring in Germany, social security, insurance, and even a will. He has great ideas, suggests simple and clear possibilities and knows how to connect the dots. We feel like Axel is our financial advisor in our back pocket who we can go to any time.

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