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“We have studied the management of expatriates at about 750 U.S., European, and Japanese companies. The results of our research were alarming.”


“The host sponsor has the role to provide local support in helping the assignee fit in – without their support assignments can go wrong very quickly.”


“Managing your money wisely while you move around the world has its own pitfalls and issues. Since expats are often busy with all other tasks that a long-term stay requires, they may literally pay for it later.”

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This is why we are dedicated to help you understand finance – and most importantly your personal financial situation in Germany. We make finance accessible, easy to understand, non-threatening, and we try really hard to make it fun. So you know how money works and how it can work for you.

You want to be sure your financial future is safe & sound and able to help you enjoy all of your financial goals for yourself and your family. We are here to help you do exactly that, whether you already took care about your financial situation or think about doing it.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of personal financial planning, we will make sure your personal finances are everything you want them to be. So you can make the best decisions you are already trying to make.

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Whether you've lived in Germany for the past years or have just arrived. We will set you up for financial success!

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The proportion of expat assignment failures can be as high as 50 percent.
Lucky for you, we're here to help!

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No matter what you have been told before, understanding personal finance is not that difficult.

Our approach is to simplify your finances for you so you understand what you are doing. No need to impress you or intimidate you with difficult words.

To make sure we match your needs, we cover all topics in the field of personal finance: Financial Planning, Insurance, Investment Management, Estate Planning, and much more.

Your money, your choice what we are talking about.

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In Germany there are two kinds of financial advisors:

Either agents who represent one company or independent registered advisors who represent their clients. Meaning we are required by law to put your interests above our own.

Founders Of PerFinEx

Axel Brückner 300px

Axel Brückner

Axel dedicated himself about ten Years ago to learn everything in the Field of Personal Finance.
A man from practice for use in practice who knows what he is talking about. After working in international environments at BMW & InterNations as well as studying Psychology & Business Administration he shares the insights and secrets that no other Financial Professional would tell you.
Today he manages millions of €s and helps hundreds of families to achieve their financial goals. Listen to his words and act on his tips to save a lot of time, money & effort.

Christian Tews PerFinEx

Christian Tews

In a global world, mobility and flexibility is expected from all companies and employees. This has led to many visitors from abroad. Christian is trying to help all these new “Bavarians”, staying here permanently or just for a few years with their struggle through the financial maze of German Laws and Insurances.
Having lived abroad in Paris and New York and studied global economics, the difficulty of different financial systems has been experienced by him firsthand. As a Financial Advisor for now close to ten years, Christian has worked with many families and companies to find their financial strategy in Germany.

References Of Selected Clients

Perfect overview on all financiel topics in Germany.

I came to Germany after finishing my PhD to work here. As there were many things on my plate, I needed a competent financial advisor to help me with investments, insurance, bank account etc.
Axel was very helpful. Hold my hand along the way and managed to break down the complicated German paperwork into easy words. He did everything possible to simplify the process and reduce my workload. I was blown away by the large amount of paperwork we were able to go through in very few meetings. He is not presenting many different options and scenarios. Axel‘s advice is very concrete and straight forward. He listens to your questions, finds out your (financial) goals and gives you a clear explanation of what he thinks you should do.
Now I got the peace of mind that my finances are in order as long as I stay in Germany.

Axel Brückner Testimonial English Marie from France
Marie from France


I can sum up in one word why Axel is much better then the average investment service: fiduciary!
Unlike a lot of other financial advisors who put their own interests before mine, Axel is clearly not interested in earning high commissions. He was always very honest and straight forward. He has a great knowledge too but when he doesn’t know something he’ll tell you. And he’ll give you feedback right after he looked it up. He helped me to understand my money in a way a business does with monthly income and expenses and made suggestions I never even heard of. For the first time I feel I understand my own financial situation and what to make out of it.
So if you are looking to get rich quick with the latest hot stock tip he is not the right guy for you. Instead, we will work out a solid plan for your that works for the long-term. He never tried to sell me anything and made sure I stay true to my financial values. He provided me with really good investments at the lowest cost because he is not tied to any particular financial institution. My assets in Euro have done very well as a result.
I know that as long as I stick to the plan we made, I will be able to retire in comfort.

Axel Brückner Testimonial English Sean from Canada
Sean from Canada

Exactly what we were looking for in a financial advisor!

If you are looking for a financial advisor who sends you one email per year and a Christmas card at holiday time, Axel is not for you. We meet with him quarterly and get monthly reports from him. He is always very responsive to reply to my emails even when the financial markets head south – which I appreciate very much. He is a really nice guy who seems to have passion for his work. He manages all of our assets and is also really interested in increasing our net worth.
We trust Axel because we have a strong sense that he really cares about us and our well being. We can’t say enough good things about Axel and his outstanding customer service he has provided us. So absolutely no hesitation in recommending Axel to anyone as a financial advisor. You will be making a great decision to go and see Axel.

Axel Brückner Testimonial English Agnese & Janis from Estonia
Agnese & Janis from Estonia

German Efficiency!

I always wanted someone knowledgeable to give me a solid financial and Axel has delivered in spades. We were able set it up fast and smooth even though I am a busy person with a hectic schedule. It’s awesome that Axel is willing to meet me at my terms and skype with me when I am at the office so I don’t have to drive anywhere.
Axel is extremely professional and proactive. When he says he’s going to do something, he will do it. I am very pleased with the results we achieved so far and look forward to work with Axel in the future.

Axel Brückner Testimonial English Inesh from Sri Lanka
Inesh from Sri Lanka

Axel is helping you when nobody else does.

My company relocated me to Munich and after a few months I brought my family with me. We were telephone interviewing potential financial advisors and Axel made a great first impression. Even after we hired him formally, he always brought his a-game. He sincerely wanted to help us. We could tell by how excited he got talking about the nerdiest finance topics.
Axel listens well, understands where we are in life and what our goals are. Even though we had a million questions we never felt brushed off or rushed. Together we were able to rank our goals appropriately and he made a plan for us how to get there.  He’s always been there when we have adjustments to make, small ones like a raise at work or big ones like the birth of our 3rd child.
Axel helped us with our budget, saving for our kids, buying a home, retiring in Germany, social security, insurance, and even a will. He has great ideas, suggests simple and clear possibilities and knows how to connect the dots. We feel like Axel is our financial advisor in our back pocket who we can go to any time.

Axel Brückner Testimonial English Jennifer & Stephen from UK
Jennifer & Stephen from UK

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No Cost, No Obligation.